Yes, red wine is good for you!

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Many studies have confirmed that French cuisine contradicts what we have been told about diet for years. This is what we call the French Paradox theory which is finally gaining a lot of momentum in Australia. In this section of my blog I will look at 5 popular food myths showing why we need to revisit what we think about 5 supposedly ‘bad’ foods: butter, cheese, bread, chocolate and red wine. Five foods loved and heavily consumed by the French! Remember though, these foods can be friends or foes depending on how we treat, choose and consume them. It’s all about time-tested food wisdom, sensory awareness, portion control and quality over quantity.

Today let’s talk about… Wine!


Red wine is an alcoholic drink, toxic and dangerous for your health.

Why red wine is good

Red wine contains fewer calories per volume than most alcoholic drinks, is full of nutrients and recognised to thin the blood. More importantly it is considered a heart healthy food as it packed with phytonutrients – particularly flavonoids.  Phytonutrients have powerful antioxidants qualities which are anti-inflammatory agents that can protect the artery walls from free radicals.

The cardiologist, who coined the French Paradox term, reported that up to 2-3 glasses of red wine per day for men and up to 1-2 for women could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 40%.

Other experts analysed the death rates associated with moderate intakes of wine, beer or spirits and found that wine increased longevity, while beer had no effect and spirits decreased longevity.

How to get red wine

Rule 1: Red wine only. Even if some studies report that white wines are as beneficial, the best experts agree that it is absolute nonsense.

Rule 2: Preferably organic with little or no chemicals, in particular sulphites, cause of many allergies.

Rule 3: Always, always, always with food and always, always, always in MODERATION. Remember, the full taste of wine reveals itself only when paired with the right food, for maximum pleasure. One or two glasses.

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