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As you know, I LOVE soups. Delicious, satisfying, alkalising, packed with vegetables, minerals and vitamins, winter soups are an essential part of the traditional French diet and play definitely a critical role to make the French one of the healthiest and slimmest people on the planet.

My family onion soup... To die for!

My family onion soup recipe… To die for!

I am a big fan of homemade soups and broths as most already-made soups you find in supermarkets are loaded with nasty ingredients that turn one of the healthiest dishes into a food to be avoided at all cost.

However, I know that we don’t have always the time to shop for the best vegetables, prepare and cook soups at home. So when I received a beautiful hamper from Amy’s Kitchen packed with their organic soups, I decided to make a quick review of the supermarket soups that I eat myself and recommend to my clients. I hope you’ll find this winter soups review useful.

I hope you’ll find this winter soups review useful.

Winter soups review: Pintago

winter soups

Pintago soups: organic and delicious

Proudly based in New Zealand, Pintago is a very popular brand you can find in many supermarkets. They cleverly called themselves ‘the soups for the lazy foodie’!

The Free Range Spring Lamb is my favourite but many others are also absolutely delicious. I like the fact that they sustainably source their fresh ingredients from small, local growers. 

Without any added preservatives either, they have plenty organic, gluten-free and vegetarian options and contain several serves of vegetables per pack!

Almost as good as my list of homemade organic soups here.

Winter soups review: the Art of Whole Food

winter soups

The Art of whole Food and Naked Locals soups: yummy!

Bone broths can make a huge difference on your health so if you don’t have the time to cook your own broth (you can find my family recipe here), the broths from the Art of Whole Food are the best option.

The Art of Whole Food is a small boutique Australian company run by a nutritionist with a passion for cooking and premium quality food, using only fresh, locally sourced grass-fed beef and free-range chicken and organic vegetables.

Great news! You can buy them online. A bit pricey but so worth it, if you’re serious about reclaiming your health as I explained in this blog.

Winter soups review: Naked Locals

‘Naked-cuisine without compromise’, Naked Locals pride themselves in using local and fresh produce. They also don’t use any added preservatives.

My favourite is the Windsor Mushroom soup with mushrooms from the Hawkesbury Valley.

These soups are cheaper as they are not organic. One thing I don’t like though: they contain canola oil, one of the worst oils…

Winter soups review: Amy’s Kitchen

winter soups

Amy’s Kitchen: organic, delicious, affordable.

Who would have thought that I would recommend canned soups one day? Well, Amy’s Kitchen made me change my mind.

Amy’s Kitchen is a family business based in the US, deeply committed to producing yummy, convenient and affordable organic soups.

GMOs, dairy, wheat and gluten free, these vegetable soups are full of flavour, well balanced and the most affordable organic option of my winter soups review.

Very important, all their cans are BPA free, which makes them totally safe to use.

My favourites are the Quinoa and Red Lentil and the Split Pea soups.

One thing to watch: sodium!

Except for The Art of Whole Food, all soups from my review, with between 250 and 350 mg per 100 gr, are high in sodium.

So please don’t use salt at all, add some water and enjoy these soups with moderation.

Once again, while all these soups are super handy and easy, nothing is better, healthier and more delicious than a homemade soup. So if you want to master the art of homemade soups, have a look at my Delicious Sexy Soups Series on bone broth, healthy soups and soups for weight loss. You’ll love it!

Have a fantastic end of the week.


PS1. I’m not affiliated to any of these supermarket soups. I simply received a hamper with Amy’s Kitchen soups.

PS2. I’ll be in France for my annual (delicious!) Tour de France from the end of June for 3 weeks. See you mid-July!



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