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I have some great news for you, right in time for summer: you can lose weight without even trying… just like the French! And it’s much easier than you think. You might have never heard of it or might not believe it but trust me, it works.

My clients all love it.

the best weight-loss secretWhile the French traditional diet will always play a key role in making the French one of the slimmest and healthiest people on the planet, they have a few best-kept secrets to sustaining a healthy weight – and lose a few kilos – which has nothing to do with their diet.

I called it the EBEL © approach: Eat Better to Eat Less © – and still feel satisfied without any frustration!

If you practice it every day, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT –  even if you don’t change your diet.

Please read until the end of the article: weight-loss secret #5 is the most important and the most effective!

Weight-loss secret #1: FOCUS

Following the French approach to eating meals will help you feel your best: whenever you eat, EAT.

Focus. Yes, focus.

Be aware of your food: it feeds your cells, your body, your mind and makes you who you are.

Food is life so give the food the presence it deserves… at every meal.

Weight-loss secret #2: RELAX

Relaxing is a weight-loss secret

Sit and relax…

Have you noticed that when you ‘stress eat’, you feel bloated and heavier after your meal? If you aren’t relaxed, the assimilation of nutrients is jeopardised.

If you aren’t relaxed, the assimilation of nutrients is jeopardised.

Sit and relax. Don’t eat on the go. Never.

Don’t eat on the go. Never.

Allow yourself, at least during your meals, to forget about your worries. Make each mealtime a stress-free experience.

Weight-loss secret #3: BREATHE before you eat

Oxygen is key to our metabolism and is known to promote the assimilation of nutrients.

Take long deep breaths before you eat: 5 is good, 10 is great, 15 is fantastic.

Weight-loss secret #4: LOOK

Look at your food.

LOOK at the colours, the texture, the fine details.

A few seconds are enough to make you appreciate the beauty of your meal.

Weight-loss secret #5: CHEW – the most important!

As we say in France, “ton estomac n’a pas de dents”: your stomach doesn’t have teeth!

Chewing before swallowing is critical to breaking down your food and optimising the digestion of nutrients. I know it’s difficult; sometimes I still need to remind myself to chew properly. It’s one of the keys to successful and sustained weight loss.


… And SUCCEED! (Photo Credit: vince Frost)

You might have tried to chew more before and given up, but please try again. Here’s how to do it:

After each bite, put your fork down and chew until the food is almost liquid in your mouth. Then swallow. It takes practice but if you’re persistent, it can quickly become a habit. You will naturally eat much less, which inevitably leads to losing weight, a lot of weight!

You easily can end up eating 20 to 30% less, without feeling deprived: that feeling of hunger stops 20 minutes after you start eating and chewing properly makes you slow down so when you reach 20 minutes, you won’t have had eaten as much as usual. You will feel satisfied so will stop eating.

Simple and super effective.


100% guarantee.

_MG_5619ALL of my private clients who did not manage to change their diets lost weight by using and sticking to my EBEL © (Eat Better To Eat Less ©) method. A LOT of weight without feeling hungry and while still eating for pleasure.

It takes some practice, but IT WORKS. How does this sound?

As always, I’m here to help on your journey to optimum health (which is also about delicious food choices inspired by the time-tested French food wisdom -so easy to implement), so contact me if you have any question.

Have a beautiful end of the week.


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all your advise and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best for 2017.??

    • Hi Joy, Merci heaps! I’m so happy you find it useful. Joyeux Noel and Very Happy New Year to you too! Yves

  2. your advice is very good have very enjoyable christmas

  3. Thank you so much, Bruce! Have a very beautiful Christmas too! Yves


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