Time-Poor? This is for you.


What can I do?  How can I find the time to eat healthy and exercise while looking after my family and/or my career? Is it even possible? I hear you! I know how overwhelming it can be… and often is. You’re not alone. This is one of my clients’ main concerns. 

So here are my 3 tips to start calming down and navigating your uber busy life. There are many other things you could implement but this is a good start and it’s much more easier than you think!

TIP 1 for time-poor people: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, it will save you time.

The key is to minimise the number of times when you end up cooking and eating whatever you can find. The solution? Plan, plan, plan.

  • To keep calm: plan, plan, plan.

    To keep calm: plan, plan, plan.

    First of all, know how to shop. Sit down, make a shopping list and stick to it (and never do your grocery shopping when you’re hungry!).

  • Forget about pre-made meals and take-away options, always loaded with sugar and bad fats.
  • Always have versatile delicious real foods in your pantry like carrots, tomatoes, rocket, eggs, brown rice or quinoa. They are perfect to make nutritious salads and easy meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen! Even if I’m a big fan of fresh, local and in season, frozen vegetables and fruits already peeled and ready to use can be a good option for you.
  • Forget about biscuits and other sweet nasties for your snacks. Choose nuts and dried fruits instead. Or get some inspiration from my list of healthy snacks HERE.
  • Each time you cook a meal, cook enough for a few days and freeze what you don’t eat on the day. It doesn’t take more time and you’re sure to have a healthy meal ready in your fridge and to keep your family happy and healthy.

With all these options, there’s no excuse to eat lollies all day, to skip a meal or to order a pizza every day for your family!

TIP 2 for time-poor people: WALK, WALK, WALK, it will save your life (and money).

The challenge here is to find an activity you like and you can practice any time without having to dedicate some extra time you actually don’t have (the best recipe for failure!).

Walking (or running) is perfect as you can do it whenever and wherever you want. No need to spend a fortune at the gym or in sport equipment.

Walking more is also one of the easiest solutions to balance out our modern-day sitting culture, which is literally killing us: sitting is damaging our health, our waistline and is scientifically proven to shorten our lifespan. You have to take every opportunity to stand and move every day.

The French for instance aren’t super obsessed with going to the gym, running marathons or doing weights or cycling classes, but they are fit and one of the slimmest and healthiest countries on the planet. One of their secrets is walking and it partly explains the French Paradox. They walk to go to work, to the shops, to pick up their kids from school. Many of them take their cars only when it is impossible to walk.

Break up with your car (even if it's vintage)!

Break up with your car (even if it’s vintage)!

Do like the French… and stay fit and slim:

  • Break-up with your car.
  • Seize any opportunity to stand and walk.
  • Take the stairs and not the escalators or the lift.
  • If you have to sit all day, go for a brief walk every hour.
  • Get off the bus or the train one stop early.
  • During a long meeting, stand up from time to time.
  • If you have to drive, park further away from your destination.

TIP 3 for time-poor people: RELAX, RELAX, RELAX, it will make you happy.

Being a good mother or father AND exercising AND eating healthy can be overwhelming if not very stressful. Stress is linked to our instinctive fight-flight response. This instinct produces cortisol in the body, used to find the energy to react to stress. Cortisol can be a good thing­ but in moderate doses only!

We aren’t designed to live with chronic stress, which many of us experience these days. With chronic stress our DNA gets confused and some of our genes are turned on while others are turned off, leading to increased body fat – particularly stomach fat, decreased muscle mass, weakened immune system, acidity in the body, greater susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases, decreased libido and poor sleep.

Time-poor? 5 min a day is enough.

Time-poor? 5 min a day is enough.

The solution? Start meditating, even if it’s 5 minutes a day. It brings calmness and emotional balance. What monks have known for centuries about the benefits of meditation: alkalinity, anti-inflammation, increased immunity, increased fertility, decreased blood pressure, improved digestion. It’s not about beliefs anymore. It’s scientifically proven. In fact, many experts agree that meditation will be the next public health revolution! Simply download a free meditation app on your smart phone and start with 5 minutes of guided mediation every day.

It could change your life… like it changed mine and many of my clients.


PLAN, WALK AND RELAX… Easy, simple and cheap. 3 first steps to help you keep healthy and fit even if you are super buzy.

And you, what is your best way to eat healthy and exercise while looking after my family and/or my career?

Have a great Thursday and talk to you next week!




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