Let’s Rosé!


“Let’s Rosé” as Jerome Dubois the founder/owner of the very recently opened Rosé Royale Bar in Sydney, the world’s first bar dedicated to this wine, says… And I’m totally for it! When I moved to Sydney ten years ago, it was quite impossible to find any drinkable rosé. It has changed a lot since!

I love rosé.

MinutyEven if I’m a big fan of red wine – for its taste and its health benefits as explained in one of my first articles here – I also love rosé. To me, it means summer, Saint-Tropez, Provence, lazy long lunches with friends and family. Bliss.

But not all of the rosé wines are equal to me. I’m actually very picky and very ‘Franco-French’: I usually only like and drink icy coldvery dry ones, with an extremely pale colour and ONLY from Provence, in particular from the region of Saint-Tropez. Actually, the colour is the best indicator: the lightest the better.

My favourite is called Château Minuty. A crispy, dry rosé, with a sand pink colour, almost transparent from the Côtes de Provence… Sublime! It proved to be challenging for many years but I finally can find it in Sydney. I’m happy.

Rosé has taken the world by storm.

This wine used to be the cheapest and sweetest – and the most awful – wine you could get.

30 years ago, things started to change in France. Winemakers improved the quality and with the help of genius marketing experts, they managed to make it the trendiest summer wine. Since the early 90s, whether you’re having a business lunch on a chic terrasse in Paris or sunbaking on a private high-end beach on the Cote d’Azur, there’s always an expensive bottle of rosé from Provence on the table.

This trend is now global.

Rosé is the fastest growing wine variety with, for instance, a whopping 60% growth in only the last 12 months in Australia and New Zealand!

The world’s first bar 100% dedicated to rosé.

Rosé and white chocolate ice cream...

Rosé and white chocolate ice cream at the Rosé Royale Bar

Jerome Dubois, French gourmet living in Sydney for 22 years and founder/owner of the Rosé Royale Bar, was sick and tired to find wine lists offering large numbers of red and white wines but only 2 rosés maximum.

A few pop-up bars opened in summer in New York and Los Angeles but no one ever had the genius idea to open a bar that is here to stay, all year round.

Jerome did it! And everyone is talking about it: Elle, Time Out, the Urban List, Daily Telegraph or SBS.

Everything is dedicated to rosé in his bar: from the list of 30 rosés (yes, 30!) with 20 available by the glass and the great cocktail list to the modern French-inspired food menu where white or red wine has been replaced by rosé in all recipes: mayonnaise, butter, sorbet, ice cream, jam to name just a few.

As Jerome puts it, rosé wine is not only delicious, it also makes you happy.

Long lazy summer lunches with rosé.

Long lazy summer lunches with rosé.

Jerome’s wines come from France but also Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal. The colour range from very vibrant pink colours to very light, almost transparent and the taste from very dry to super fruity and sweet. This diversity actually depends on the way the wine is made and how long it has been exposed to the skin of the grapes.

This also gives a great choice when it comes to pairing with food.

For instance, Jerome recommends a very fruity pink yet very dry rosé from New Zealand to go with one of his unusual entrees made of grilled king prawns cutlets layered with foie gras disc, served with toasted fruit bread and caviar butter. Yes, please!

If you’re not in Sydney…

If you can’t go and try the long wine list of the Rosé Royale Bar, the best is to look at reviews: it will help you a lot to navigate the new and sometimes complex world of rosé.

Start by this brilliant article and review of the best French rosés made by Social Vignerons (Minuty, my favourite, is #1!).

There are also a few excellent reviews from experts in

While I still cherish my Minuty, I’m definitely interested in exploring the wines from New Zealand and Australia more… So, any tips, advice or recommendation will be more than welcome! I already love you for this!

Have a beautiful rosé end of the year and festive season – but please enjoy responsibly and with moderation!

Happy holiday (if you’re lucky to take some) and I’ll see/talk to you in the new year.



  1. Poppy’s in Martinborough, you can only get it at the cellar door, but the best I have tasted.

    Also Matawhero.

    • Thank you so much, Claire. I’ll definitely try it!


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