Intermittent fasting? It works.


As you might remember, I started to follow the intermittent fasting diet back in January (fasting for 16 hours with an 8-hour eating window every day). I’m so amazed by the results that I can’t wait to share with you my experience and learnings over the last ten months.

First of all, if you want to have a summary of what intermittent fasting is and how it works, you can have a look at the article I posted after the first three months here.

Intermittent fasting: it works. It really does.

Intermittent fasting: you'll love it too!

Intermittent fasting: you’ll love it too

Intermittent fasting has become part of my lifestyle and I’m loving it:

  • I feel very energised all day long: I’m never tired in the morning, I never feel like having a nap after lunch and I sleep like a baby at night.
  • My immune system is definitely stronger: I did not have a single cold or caught the flu even though Australia experienced the worst winter/spring flu epidemic in decades. I have been constantly exposed to people with the flu over the last 5 months and did not get anything.
  • I definitely lost weight and got much leaner.

… But it hasn’t been always the case.

At one stage, I thought I was going to give up intermittent fasting. After the first five months, I reached a plateau: I was finding harder and harder not to have breakfast, I was getting physically tired and I wasn’t losing the weight I wanted to lose.

I reintroduced breakfasts in my intermittent fasting.

I reintroduced breakfasts in my intermittent fasting.

It clearly meant that something wasn’t working for me. As always, if you want different results, you need to change the way you do things. So instead of fasting from dinner to lunch, I decided to fast from after lunch until breakfast on the next day (which means that I would have breakfast and lunch, instead of lunch and dinner).

This change had a massive impact:

  • I found quite easy not to have dinner and realised how much I loved starting the day in the sun with a gorgeous and nutritious breakfast.
  • I found myself fasting for more than the 16 hours required. For instance, when I have lunch at 12 pm and breakfast at 7 am, it means that I fast for 19 hours, which increases the benefits of intermittent fasting on the energy level, cell rejuvenation and weight loss. Bingo!
  • I easily and happily lost the stubborn kilos I’ve been trying to shed for months.

I do intermittent fasting my way.

I found out that I could totally adapt intermittent fasting to my lifestyle while abiding by my approach to life and diet: always enjoy food, never feel deprived and stick to my motto: Real Food + Pleasure = Health ©:

  • While I don’t have dinner most of the time, I sometimes swop depending on my schedule and have dinner, in particular if I know I’ll have a social dinner or an evening function. I know that I can adjust by fasting until lunch on the next day. Easy as.
  • I even allow myself one (two max) cheat days a week where I don’t fast at all. Once again, enjoying life always comes first for me and I would not sacrifice it for a diet, as successful as it might be. Intermittent fasting is actually flexible enough to allow anyone to embrace my approach to nutrition, pleasure and art de vivre without compromising anything.
  • Enjoying life always comes first!

    Enjoying life always comes first!

    I don’t restrict what I can eat. While intermittent fasting ‘purists’ will disagree, I actually found that I could be very relaxed and enjoy more treats than usual, with no or limited impact on weight loss.

  • I, however, have to make sure my diet is highly nutritious in particular in regards to my green vegetables daily intake, which can be challenging when you have breakfast and lunch (and no dinner). Fortunately, after a few tweaks, I now have helpful tricks.
  • It works even if I don’t exercise. Since I injured my back and then my right elbow, I had to stop yoga completely and reduce drastically swimming (which is extremely challenging for me). Another proof that all the health benefits I have been enjoying are due to intermittent fasting only. I can’t wait to exercise again and see what difference it can make.
  • Intermittent fasting will be the ideal ally during the festive season as it will definitely help balance out the negative impacts of the quantity of food and alcohol we can have during these few weeks or even months. Intermittent fasting is perfect for the liver to rest and restore.

Intermittent fasting can be the solution for you too.

Intermittent fasting: easy as... with a bit of coaching.

Intermittent fasting: easy as… with a bit of coaching.

Just like everything when it comes to nutrition, intermittent fasting is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

As I discover with my own experience and a few of my clients, you can totally adapt this diet to what you like, how you feel and the goals you want to reach AND have long-lasting results!

All that you need is a bit of coaching and support to find what works for you while making sure you have a nutrient-dense and delicious diet.

Once you know how to make the most of intermittent fasting, you too can get fantastic results.

So… ready to lose weight for good, to be full of energy and feel your best at last?

Have a great end of the week.



  1. Hi Yves
    I’m doing the “intermittent diet” + keto diet at the same time. I no longer have breakfast which I miss, however, I busy myself all morning until lunch and now I am getting used to just coffee with cream which I would have guilty about before. I feel guilty at times about fats and protein I’m permitted on the Keto diet but somehow it works. It is still early days for me but I am going to give it my best shot especially over the Christmas period. Thank you for the encouragement. All the best to you.
    Joy de Koster, Queensland Australia

    • Hi Joy,
      Thank you so much for sharing your journey.
      Interesting approach to do intermittent fasting and keto at the same time. Just one thing if I may: if you want to be in fasting mode, please have your coffee black (with no cream). I’m pretty sure there are enough calories when you add cream to your coffee to break the fast. So, embrace the keto diet during your eating window and have only water, black coffee or tea when you fast.
      Please keep me posted!
      All the best,


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