Healthy snacks… the French way.


People often think one of the reasons why the French stay slim (65% of overweight or obese Australians vs. 35% only in France) is that they don’t snack.

Well, it’s not totally true.

Most of the French don’t snack: their breakfasts and lunches are nutritious and balanced enough not to feel hungry between meals while sustaining a healthy weight. Many of my clients ask me to coach them how to do it.

However some still need or want to snack. So I coach them how to snack without damaging their waistline. Just like some French do.

Fresh, local fruits and veggies, raw nuts, wholemeal bread, full milk yoghurt (Bondi Yoghurt is to die for!)

Healthy snacks: fresh, local fruits and veggies, raw nuts, wholemeal bread, full milk yoghurt (Bondi Yoghurt is to die for!)

Here are a few ideas of healthy snacks… the French way.

1- Snack ONLY if you’re hungry. Not because you’re bored, stressed, angry, sad or happy. Not because you think you’re hungry simply as you just saw someone eating or an ad promoting some yummy-looking food. Not because you think you’re hungry when you are actually thirsty as the feeling of thirst and hunger is quite similar. Snack only if you feel the real symptoms of hunger: your stomach starts making weird noises and hurts, your energy level drops and your ability to concentrate weakens.

2- Love and honour your snack. You have to love what you eat. Just like everything in the positive approach to life and food in France, pleasure is key. However know how to really enjoy your snack to avoid over-eating: be present, don’t eat while watching TV or working in front of your computer. Take a deep breath, sit back and take your time. This your me-time!

3- Snack is not a treat! Even if you need to eat with pleasure, don’t take this excuse to munch on a muffin or a pack of chips everyday.

4- Don’t snack too much. The secret is to eat just enough not to be hungry any more but not too much not to be hungry at the next meal.

Cheese made with raw full cream milk: great source of calcium, proteins and healthy fat.

Cheese made with raw full fat milk: great source of calcium, proteins and healthy fat.

5- Snack only real food, another key principle of the French Paradox. To be satisfying enough, your snack needs to be made of clean proteins and low carb  to provide you long-lasting energy, some fiber to fill you up, a small amount of healthy fat and very limited (if any) sugar. Hummus with organic celery sticks or wholemeal bread with an organic boiled egg and Dijon mustard are 2 very good options.

6- Avoid at all cost sugar which will give you an instant boost but only for a few minutes. Then in no time, you will feel tired again, you will crave for more and more and more. No wonder why research shows that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Same thing for snacks rich in bad fats (trans fats, vegetable oils).

Organic apples form Tasmania: so gooood!

Organic apples from Tasmania: so gooood! With some cheese, it makes a super healthy snack.

7- Quality over quantity as always in the French diet. Choose local, fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies. Prefer organic and full fat milk dairy. Go for organic and RAW nuts (never salted, roasted or flavoured).

8- Never ever buy already-made snacks such as protein bars, cereal bars, energy drinks… In particular if their labels claim they are super healthy, natural, low fat… They are often highly processed, true sugar bombs and loaded with nasties.




So ready to snack à la FrancaiseWhich snack will you have today?

Tell me!

Bon appétit!


PS: Want more ideas of healthy delicious snacks with no risk for your waistline? Message me directly to

  1. I love to have 1 medjool date each day , eaten slowly and savour the flavour . That’s my treat .

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Marilyn. Great one! Have some good proteins like raw almonds with it and you’ll have the perfect treat/snack! Did you know yogis used to live off medjools, raw honey and raw milk only?

  2. Hi, I go to the gym and snack on optifast vld bars as a replacement, are you saying that this bar is not good for you?

    • Hi Ruby, Thanks a lot for your question. I would need to see what is in this bar… Could you post a photo of the label? Yves

      • Thanks for your reply. Here’s the link


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