Chips anyone?


Who said an healthy diet had to be boring, dull and tasteless? Who said you had to give up everything you love? NOT ME!

Chips anyone?!

Chips anyone?!

Pleasure has to be part of the equation if you want any changes in your diet to be sustainable. Many nutrition experts fail to acknowledge the instrumental part it plays in making us healthy. It is however the backbone of the positive attitude to food and life of the French, which contributes to make them one of the slimmest and healthiest countries. 

Pleasure is a nutritional element requirement, a potent metabolic force and an agent of health. Pleasure catalyses metabolic efficiency. It makes life worth living.” says Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I could not agree more: my formula Real Food + Pleasure = Health has proven to work with so many of my clients.

One of the best examples is… chips and fries!

Yes. Chips. And. Fries.

If ditching already-made potato chips or fast food fries is not negotiable (true fat-bombs made with pro-inflammatory highly refined oils, one of the main causes of diet-related diseases), there are chips and fries that you definitely should have in your diet: chips and fries made at home with super vegetables, super healthy oils and… love: try these super easy, super quick, super healthy and delicious recipes!


These 3 vegetables packed with nutrients are ideal for chips:

  • Sweet potato: fibre, vitamin C and A, lower GI, anti-cancer phyto-nutrients. Please keep the skin as this is where you have the most nutrients!
  • beetroot: packed with antioxidants, helps detoxify, strengthens immune system.
  • Kale: packed with phyto-nutrients, vitamin A and C, fibre, antioxidants.
The best chips!

Beetroot, kale, sweet potato: the best chips!

You simply need to cut them in fine slices. For the kale, discard the stems. Then toss in organic olive oil for a few minutes. Add sea salt and any other seasoning that you like such as cumin (fat burning), pepper (metabolism booster), fresh herbs (antioxidants) or even parmesan  (helps absorb phyto-nutrients better). Toss again until wet (in particular for the kale).

Put the raw chips on a tray lined with baking paper in a pre-heated oven (170 to 200 degrees). Cook for 5 minutes. Turn them once to make sure they don’t bake on one side only. Cook for another 5 to 7 minutes or until crisp.

DUCK FAT SWEET POTATO FRIES from the south west of France.

This brand of duck fat is available in some health food stores... Delicious.

This brand of duck fat is available in some health food stores… Delicious.

Duck fat, one of the healthiest animal fats, is the best to give your fries a to-die-for taste!

Simply cut the sweet potatoes into finger-shape fries. Again, keep the skin as this is where you have the most nutrients! Toss gently with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Put on a tray lined with baking paper and bake for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven (180-200 degrees). Check from time to time and turn. Remove from oven and then toss with duck fat, grated garlic (the more grated the more nutrients you’ll get!) and finely minced fresh herbs (think basil, parsley or coriander). Put the fries back into the oven for 12 minutes. Check them again from time to time: don’t let them burn! Serve hot!


A huge green salad (rocket, baby spinach, dark lettuce) with a healthy dressing (click HERE for recipes) will add a refreshing and alkalising touch to your dish and will enhance the delicious flavour of your chips and fries.


Try these recipes and let me know what you think. Do you have other recipes of delicious chips? Please don’t be shy, share them with us here!

As always, bon appetit!


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