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  • What to eat to lose weight – and when!


    What to eat to lose weight is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients. There isn’t one simple answer unfortunately: all my clients are different with very specific needs, lifestyles and conditions that I look at very carefully to design totally customised weight-loss programs that provide long-lasting effects.

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  • Break your food rules for one day.


    “There are too many food rules, don’t you think? Break out and put your normal food choices and food rules on hold for the day.”

    This is how I was challenged at TEDx hold at the Sydney Opera House by its brilliant food curator, Jess Miller, two weeks ago. read more

  • 10 libido booster foods.


    Need to spice your love life? Lack of passion in the bedroom? I know, the lack of sex drive is quite a sensitive topic and it can be difficult to talk about it. It shouldn’t be that way as it happens to all of us (even more as we age!). read more

  • Chips anyone?


    Who said an healthy diet had to be boring, dull and tasteless? Who said you had to give up everything you love? NOT ME!

    Chips anyone?!

    Chips anyone?!

    Pleasure has to be part of the equation if you want any changes in your diet to be sustainable. Many nutrition experts fail to acknowledge the instrumental part it plays in making us healthy. It is however the backbone of the positive attitude to food and life of the French, which contributes to make them one of the slimmest and healthiest countries. 

    Pleasure is a nutritional element requirement, a potent metabolic force and an agent of health. Pleasure catalyses metabolic efficiency. It makes life worth living.” says Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I could not agree more: my formula Real Food + Pleasure = Health has proven to work with so many of my clients.

    One of the best examples is… chips and fries!

    Yes. Chips. And. Fries.

    If ditching already-made potato chips or fast food fries is not negotiable (true fat-bombs made with pro-inflammatory highly refined oils, one of the main causes of diet-related diseases), there are chips and fries that you definitely should have in your diet: chips and fries made at home with super vegetables, super healthy oils and… love: try these super easy, super quick, super healthy and delicious recipes!


    These 3 vegetables packed with nutrients are ideal for chips:

    • Sweet potato: fibre, vitamin C and A, lower GI, anti-cancer phyto-nutrients. Please keep the skin as this is where you have the most nutrients!
    • beetroot: packed with antioxidants, helps detoxify, strengthens immune system.
    • Kale: packed with phyto-nutrients, vitamin A and C, fibre, antioxidants.
    The best chips!

    Beetroot, kale, sweet potato: the best chips!

    You simply need to cut them in fine slices. For the kale, discard the stems. Then toss in organic olive oil for a few minutes. Add sea salt and any other seasoning that you like such as cumin (fat burning), pepper (metabolism booster), fresh herbs (antioxidants) or even parmesan  (helps absorb phyto-nutrients better). Toss again until wet (in particular for the kale).

    Put the raw chips on a tray lined with baking paper in a pre-heated oven (170 to 200 degrees). Cook for 5 minutes. Turn them once to make sure they don’t bake on one side only. Cook for another 5 to 7 minutes or until crisp.

    DUCK FAT SWEET POTATO FRIES from the south west of France.

    This brand of duck fat is available in some health food stores... Delicious.

    This brand of duck fat is available in some health food stores… Delicious.

    Duck fat, one of the healthiest animal fats, is the best to give your fries a to-die-for taste!

    Simply cut the sweet potatoes into finger-shape fries. Again, keep the skin as this is where you have the most nutrients! Toss gently with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Put on a tray lined with baking paper and bake for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven (180-200 degrees). Check from time to time and turn. Remove from oven and then toss with duck fat, grated garlic (the more grated the more nutrients you’ll get!) and finely minced fresh herbs (think basil, parsley or coriander). Put the fries back into the oven for 12 minutes. Check them again from time to time: don’t let them burn! Serve hot!


    A huge green salad (rocket, baby spinach, dark lettuce) with a healthy dressing (click HERE for recipes) will add a refreshing and alkalising touch to your dish and will enhance the delicious flavour of your chips and fries.


    Try these recipes and let me know what you think. Do you have other recipes of delicious chips? Please don’t be shy, share them with us here!

    As always, bon appetit!


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  • The ONE food you need.


    You have the best diet, you know what to eat, where to buy the best food, you follow the best nutrition experts… but still you don’t feel and look your best: your energy level is low, you’re sluggish, you sometimes feel bloated and you just can’t get rid of these few stubborn kilos… 

    What’s the solution? Should you follow a hard-core diet, go on a green juices cleanse or spend top $ on the latest supplements? Look no further: the one food group you absolutely need is certainly missing in your diet. Without it even if your diet is the best, you can’t absorb nutrients properly and your digestive system can’t work at its best.

    Fizzy, refreshing, living, healing and DELICIOUS!

    Fizzy, refreshing, living, healing and DELICIOUS drink!

    I’m talking about fermented foods, which have completely disappeared from our modern diet even though they were central to traditional diets all over the world: “So many traditional societies valued fermented foods for their health promoting properties and insisted on giving them to the sick, the aged and nursing mothers”, says Sally Fallon, the founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation, one of the most progressive nutrition education organisations.

    Our bacteria-phobic society made us forget that good bacteria are critical to our health. Fortunately while recent research confirms that our health starts in our gut, fermented foods are finally back and strong on the nutrition map and start appearing again on most gourmets, gourmands and foodies tables.

    I extensively cover the critical topic of fermented foods and gut health in week 3 of my new online program BONJOUR 2015 (to know more and watch the intro video CLICK HERE). I show how you can easily get your daily dose of good bacteria with some delicious foods, while avoiding marketing and fad traps related to this billion dollar industry. You’ll be surprised: there are many delicious options to choose from.

    Today I would like to focus on one of these foods: perfect for the warm weather, refreshing, fizzy, super easy and absolutely d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. And no, it’s not French. It’s an ancient, healthy, healing living drink with antioxidants and B vitamins… It’s called kombucha and it has recently exploded on the market.

    • I'm hooked!

      I’m hooked!

      If you haven’t tried it yet, kombucha tastes like light cider. Delicious, crisp cider – without the sugar! The amount of sugar is less than 3 or 2g per 100ml making it very low in sugar (for weight loss and your general health, you always should eat food with less than 3g/100ml). Very small amounts of caffeine remain (10 times less than in coffee) while the alcohol amount is no more than 1%.

    • It is a naturally energising, detoxifying and alkalising drink produced by fermentation of green and black tea and raw cane sugar (more about why alkalising your diet is so important in week 2 of BONJOUR 2015). A culture of bacteria and yeast converts the sugar into a range of organic acids resulting in a superb brew that has been drunk for centuries in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Japan.
    • It’s super powerful. It’s a true probiotic and for some of my clients it has changed their lives. If you don’t have any fermented foods in your current diet, please don’t overdo kombucha: your digestive system needs to adjust. One small shot at each meal or one small glass daily will be enough. Then you can slowly increase the quantity (just like I did this summer, and I feel fantastic!). With moderation like most of good things: remember, it’s super powerful!
    • One word of precaution: kombucha needs to be raw and unpasteurised otherwise the good bacteria will be killed and you’ll end up with a fizzy drink with NO health benefits.
    • You can brew your own by buying a culture starter. Some healthy food stores also sell take away kombucha and you can then have your bottles refilled there. Or as I do, you can find bottled kombucha in most health store. Many local brands in New Zealand and Australia have appeared on the shelves recently. Try different brands as the taste may vary a lot. Opt for reputable brands: organic and unpasteurised (However to be safe, children, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems should drink only the pasteurised kind). I’m hooked to the bottled Remedy kombucha. I drink a liter over a week. A small glass every day and a huge glass when I’m super thirsty after the beach. Bliss.
    Want to live by my motto? Easy as!

    Want to live by my motto? Easy as!

    Kombucha is the perfect example of my motto: Real Food + Pleasure = Health. A motto that makes 60 million of French one of the slimmest and healthiest countries on the planet. Remember, this very enjoyable lifestyle could easily be yours with my online 40-day program BONJOUR 2015. If you’re interested, be quick, we all start on 25 February (CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE). You can also contact me directly here: I’ll be happy to answer ALL your burning questions and call you if you prefer.


    So now, take a seat back, relax and sip your kombucha… And tell me what you think. Are you addicted?

    Talk to you next week.

    Au revoir.



  • Better than kale?



    4 letters that have taken the world of nutrition by storm over the last 2 years. It’s true, kale is a superfood, loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, bioactive compounds and is literally worshipped by almost everyone from NYC hipsters, paleo chefs to movie stars… 

    ryan_gosling_kaleBut what if you don’t like kale… like me? For a while I felt a bit alone: each time I said I was not a big fan of this super star (I’m talking about kale not Ryan!), people were looking at me, thinking: “really, you, a nutrition coach not loving kale… how weird!”

    So I tried my best. Kale juice, kale salad, kale chips… I’ve tried everything, but, no, sorry, I still didn’t like kale… and slowly I realised I was not the only one. Some of my clients who did like kale got a little bit sick and tired of eating kale everywhere, all the time while others had so much of it that they reached the OD point. Sad.

    Finally this new research from the Centre for Disease Control came out and… revealed that, YES, there is a healthy and happy life beside kale!

    In my 2 previous posts ‘You Can’t Detox Your Body, It’s A Myth’ and ’10 Delicious Fat-Burning Foods’, we already found out that we did not have to live off green juices to lose weight. In this week’s article, this recent research shows that you (and I) don’t need to eat kale (or only kale) to get healthy! Sorry, Ryan…

    The Centre for Disease Control ranked ’47 powerhouse fruits and vegetables’ according to how much fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein and potassium they contain. Kale came at the 15th position ONLY with a ‘low’ nutrient density score of 49.07 out of 100! This means that we have 14 other options more nutritious (and with a better taste –  at least for me!) than kale!

    Out of the 14 more nutritious leafy greens, I’ve selected my top 7. Very interestingly you’ll find them on French tables at each meal every day – no wonder why France is one of the slimmest and healthiest countries on the planet! If you simply focus on my list, you will reap all the benefits of the leafy greens, a must-have in your diet if you want to feel and look great, without having to eat a gram of kale. How does that sound? Pretty fantastique, isn’t it?


    Nothing can beat a steak tartare with parsley, chicory and lettuce.

    1- ROMAINE LETTUCE / nutrient density score: 63.48

    A green salad each day, if possible twice a day, is one of the best kept healthy and weight loss secrets of the French! I’ll reveal all the other secrets in my upcoming online program (launched in the next few days!), so easy to follow even here!

    Who knew that with this simple salad you would benefit from higher level nutrients than kale, in particular when it comes to Vitamin B folic acid, which plays a key role in fighting depression and, for you gentlemen, in increasing sperm counts.


    2- PARSLEY / nutrient density score: 65.59

    Delicious flavour, appetite suppressant, Vitamin K champion, fresh parsley should be on your table every day. As a leafy garnish to add colour and flavour to your dishes but also as the main ingredient like in the Lebanese tabbouleh made of lemon juice, onions, fresh parsley and tomatoes. One of the best refreshing summer dishes!

    3- LEAF LETTUCE / nutrient density score: 70.73

    Once again, the humble lettuce has much more to offer than you think – and definitely way more than kale. The greener the leaves, the more nutrients you’ll get. Do not forget to accompany your green salads with the best dressing made with the best fats and NO nasties. Check out a few of my recipes in one of my previous articles here.

    4- CHICORY / nutrient density score: 73.36

    Yes, another leafy green very popular in France. Its high level of polyphenols helps fight disease and research suggests it could make you live longer. It might definitely play a role in the fact that the French live longer and healthier lives. It makes the best green salad for an unforgettable steak tartare!


    Spinach for a perfect breakfast!

    5- SPINACH / nutrient density score: 86.43

    Spinach is much more than being the champion source of muscle-building iron (as Popeye used to sing!). It will also help you lose weight, reduce cravings, and suppress appetite!

    Raw spinach contains oxalic acid, an organic substance that can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients like calcium and iron. However it is also rich in many essential nutrients, some of which are more available to our bodies when we consume them raw. These nutrients include folate, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, and potassium. So eating a mix of raw spinach and cooked spinach will help you make the most of this fantastic leafy green.

    It’s my leafy green of choice when I’m brave enough to have leafy greens for breakfast (with organic eggs or wild salmon).

    6- BEET GREENS / nutrient density score: 87.08

    Marguerite my great grandmother (more on why she’s still my inspiration here) used to sautéed them in olive oil and used to add a few drops of balsamic vinegar just before serving. Super loaded with fibre, they are perfect for your heart health. 

    Beet greens are finally back after decades of rejection! Now that you know they offer more health benefits than kale, you’ll never throw them in the garbage bin ever! 

    Watercress and confit duck...

    Watercress and roasted pork…

    7- WATERCRESS / nutrient density score: 100

    This beauty food, which helps keep your skin youthful and smooth longer, is also one of the best weapons to fight cancer. Watercress salad (it’s always better to eat it raw as heat reduces its health benefits) with roasted pork is one of my favourite traditional French recipes.

    Sorry again Ryan, but I’ll stop trying to love kale from now on and I’ll keep focusing on my list of 7 time-tested super leafy greens: they have helped 60 million French people stay slim and live longer and healthier lives! 


    What about you? Which one do you prefer over kale? Tell me in the comment box below.

    Have a great week, full of vibrant delicious leafy greens – with or without kale!



    Better than Kale

  • 10 Beautiful (Healthy) Gifts.


    Gifts for your kids, for your friends, for your partner, for your family… Christmas shopping can get absolutely crazy and puts a lot of pressure on many of us.

    What about you? What about your body, which is in great need of help and care during the festive season as we eat and drink way too much? Do you know that a single average Christmas meal has over 3,000 calories? If you think of all the functions and parties over the next few weeks, this is A LOT of calories!

    The organ to suffer the most is the liver, which is at the cornerstone of our health: its main function is to help our body cleanse itself and absorb nutrients by storing and detoxifying blood. In Asian traditions, it is called the General of your digestive system… And the last thing we want is the General not to be at his best:

    • The workload of the liver has increased dramatically over the last century: it is now responsible for eliminating medications, pesticides, herbicides, alcohol, air pollution, radiations and any of the other 40,000 chemicals brought into our lives since the 1940s. The incidence of weight issues has risen in parallel with our toxic chemical exposure and the modern Western diet.
    • As a result, if you don’t look after your liver health, it becomes dysfunctional, it slows your metabolism down and loses one of its important roles: helping you burn fat!

    So this week, I would like you to offer 10 healthy gifts to your body…

    First of all let’s look at 7 foods your liver absolutely love. Supercharge your diet with these foods high in antioxidants, omega-3, sulfur and vitamins and you’ll minimise the harm done by the crazy festive season diet:

    1. IMG_6002Grapefruit: it is one of the best aids for cleansing your liver and it helps it burn fat thanks to its high level of antioxidants and vitamin C. Add grapefuit everyday in your diet: breakfast, desserts, snacks. Very easy. No excuse :) 
    1. Turmeric: it is definitely a super food, which might help prevent cancer. It also protects the liver, helps it recover and produce new cells. Ideally use it fresh. However the powder version is very convenient. Simply add to all BBQ or sparkle over salads. 
    1. Garlic: you know I love garlic – just like Marguerite, my great grandmother who used to recommend having garlic at each meal. Simply click here to know everything about garlic. Garlic is critical to help the liver eliminate toxins. Its enzymes are activated by the its high sulfur amounts. Raw and super minced are the best options to make the most of its health properties.
    1. IMG_7740Leafy green vegetables: yes, I know, they seem to be on each of my must-have lists. One of the reasons (among many others) is that they help neutralise heavy metals that we ingest a lot when -like during the silly season- we eat a lot of sea food and fish. Leafy greens also help eliminate pesticides and other chemicals that heavily tax the liver. So I’ll say it again and in particular over the silly season, leafy green vegetables have to be on the top of your grocery shopping list. Huge green salads -as the French do at almost every lunch and dinner- are one of the best ways to get your daily intake of leafy greens. Alternatively and even if I’m not personally a big fan, have a green juice (or even better a green smoothie full of fibre) at least once a day. Coconut water + cucumber + spinach +mint + lemon + 1/2 fruit (banana, mango) + 1tsp of olive oil (to better assimilate the vitamins) will make a great smoothie. 
    1. Walnuts: one of Marguerite’s favourites too because of its numerous cleansing compounds. One or 2 handfuls a day is good. Think snacks, salads…
    1. Avocado: they are known to not only actively promote the liver’s detoxifying properties, but also protect it. Have one or two avocados a day, the amount you need to effectively promote liver health: breakfast, snacks, salads. Easy as!
    1. Green tea: rich in antioxidants, green tea protects the liver against toxic overload and helps flush toxins. Try and sip green tea throughout the day. Think home-made iced green tea: make 2 litres of green tea, add berries or lemons or fresh mint and ice. 


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    It’s good -and healthy!-  to be a bit selfish once in a while… So if you’re interested in any of these offers, simple click here and leave me a message and I’ll get back to you!

    Have a fantastic liver-friendly week!



  • I LOVE garlic.


    garlic sweet art1‘To be strong and kill all the bad bugs in your gut, eat garlic every day!’ used to say Marguerite, my great grandmother, popular healer and cook in the South West of France in the 1920s.

    Worshipped by most of ancient cultures around the world, many modern studies have since demonstrated the health benefits of garlic. I’m sure you know it already but before we move to why we should love the humble garlic even more, let’s remember first why we love it in the first place.

    This true super food and antioxidant powerhouse boots immunity by:
    – alkalizing your diet for better energy,
    – helping prevent colds,
    – helping lower blood pressure,
    – fighting growth of stomach and colon cancer cells
    – killing bad bacteria,
    – helping probiotics (good bacteria) to flourish, fastening your metabolism and promoting weight loss (more on probiotics and prebiotics in my blog here),
    – fighting aging.

    Impressive, isn’t it? No wonder garlic is one of the key components of the Mediterranean and the traditional French diets linked to better health, lower cardiovascular diseases rates and lower obesity rates (35% of the French are obese or overweight compared to 65% of Australians). The French –in particular in the South of France- adoooore garlic. The pink garlic which appeared in the Middle Ages in Lautrec (not far from where I come close to Toulouse) even obtained a Protected Geographical Indication and the ‘Label Rouge’, one of the French highest quality certifications. Garlic, among many other simple yet super foods is naturally central to the programs I design for my clients (for those who like garlic of course!).

    But there is more. Here are 3 unexpected reasons to worship garlic you might not be aware of:

    1. Sprouted Garlic

      Sprouting Garlic

      Yes you can eat sprouting garlic! Actually you should! The conventional recommendation from your mother, chefs and even my great grandmother was to simply toss it. Well, researchers very recently found that “garlic sprouted for five days demonstrates higher antioxidant activity than younger, fresher bulbs” as reported by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. So if you have bulbs with the green sprouts emerging from the centre, please eat them. They are even more health-promoting than when they were pulled from the ground several months ago!

    2. No, garlic doesn’t give bad breath! Simply crunch a few coffee beans or chew some parsley or fresh mint. Or simply eat an apple… And you can kiss your lover again!
    3. No, garlic doesn’t give a bad smell to everything. To get rid of its smell:
      • On a knife: rinse it with cold water
      • On your cooking board: brush it with coarse salt
      • On your hands: rub them with fresh parsley


    Yes the humble garlic is a true super food but you have to follow a few rules to make the most of it:

    The more it is crushed or pressed, the better.

    The more it is crushed or pressed, the better.

    To get the maximum of its healing properties, have garlic raw or slightly cooked. Very important, crush, chop, mince or press it for antioxidants to produce an instant reaction to free radicals and to enjoy all its benefits. Pressing garlic or mincing it into a smooth paste will give you the strongest flavour and may also result in an increased amount of health benefits. So, the more pungent the smell, the better it probably is for your health.

    –      Let garlic sit for 5 to 10 minutes after cutting and before eating or cooking to allow the health-promoting antioxidant alliicin to form. It won’t happen otherwise.

    –      Try and eat your garlic raw. However if you allow your garlic to sit, you can cook it and still keep some of its properties. If you cook it up to 15 minutes, you won’t lose too many nutrients. If you cook it up to 30 minutes, there will be a moderate loss of nutrients. If you cook it for more than 45 minutes, you’ll lose almost everything. Not good! So prefer it raw or cooked less than 15 minutes.

     Finally I could not end this post without mentioning how garlic beautifully transforms each of your dishes. Here are a few French cuisine tips. So easy, so yummy:

    –      Poultry: stuff with a few pieces of wholemeal bread rubbed with garlic and a few small peeled cloves. Place a few large unpeeled cloves and a small cup of water in the dish and place in the oven.

    –      Roasts: put some pieces of garlic on each side. Place a few large unpeeled cloves and a small cup of water in the dish while cooking.

    –      Cold meat and charcuterie: enjoy with ‘Confit Garlic’. Have some ‘Confit Garlic’ on your table and you will definitely impress your guests! However if you make some, make sure you are aware of safety food rules to reduce the possible risk of botulism!


    Confit Garlic

    Confit Garlic

    So now, it’s your turn. Tell me: why do you love garlic?

    Have a fantastic week.

    Bon appétit.