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Let’s start this Delicious Sexy Soups Series with the key ingredient you need: broth and in particular bone broth. I’m not talking about the already-made, full-of-nasties bone broth you’ll find in your supermarket.

I’m talking about real home-made bone broth, one of the best healing foods you’ll ever find and one of the best kept secrets of all good chefs. I’ve already talked about bone broth here a few times but it’s important to do it again as every soup starts with a real bone broth.

“Bone broth? Really? Why?” This is what I hear very often when I passionately recommend bone broth. And it’s totally understandable as the bone broth culture -the backbone of gourmet cuisine and healing foods- almost disappeared 50 years ago…

First Broth Bar in Sydney... Yum!

The first Broth Bar in Sydney… Yum!

The bone broth craze has finally reached our shores with an excellent broth bar here in Sydney… It has taken the small world of health gurus and NYC hipsters by storm, making kale so last year (which by the way isn’t that bad. Have a look at my previous post to find out why kale isn’t the only fabulous leafy greens).

This ‘new’ trend is actually one the oldest food traditions, shared by many cultures around the world. 

“A cure-all in traditional households (due to its gelatine content) and the magic ingredient in classic gourmet cuisine, stock or broth made from bones of chicken, fish and beef builds strong bones, assuages sore throats, nurtures the sick, puts vigor in the step and sparkle in love life–so say grandmothers, midwives and healers. For chefs, stock is the magic elixir for making soul-warming soups and matchless sauces.” as explained Sally Fallon from the Weston Price Foundation (THE best expert in traditional healing foods).

The French have always been huge fans of bone broth. “They were the leaders in gelatin research, which started in 1682 (yes more than 300 years ago!) and continued up to the 1950s. Gelatin was found to be useful in the treatment of a long list of diseases including peptic ulcers, tuberculosis, diabetes, muscle diseases, infectious diseases, jaundice and cancer. Babies had fewer digestive problems when gelatin was added to their milk.”

Marguerite's home remedies

My great grandmother Marguerite and her son Noel, my grand father in the 1920s.

No wonder why bone broth was totally worshipped by Marguerite, my great grandmother, popular cook and health practitioner in the sout west of France in the 1920’s. 

Unfortunately the processed food era brought produce meat-like, chemically synthesised flavours and even worst, monosodium glutamate (MSG), invented to enhance food flavours, including artificial meaty flavours. This almost put an end to the bone broth culture.

Bone broth is finally back and it’s here to stay as the list of bone broth benefits is endless.

In addition of being the foundation of all good soups, here are at least 5 reasons why you too should have a cup every day!

Bone broth benefits #1: pleasure first.

As you know pleasure has a major role in my approach to nutrition to help my clients reach thier health goals. Broth has this very specific power to not only promote health but transform any average savoury dish into something gourmet. It’s actually the best kept secrets of many chefs as they use it for almost every thing, from making the best soup or a sauce, stir-frying vegetables to cooking grains, or adding to a dough…

So next time you make some broth (see my recipe at the end of the article – it’s ridiculously easy), store it in portions in the freezer in ice-cube trays so you can simply use a few cubes whenever you cook.

Bone broth benefits #2: you look younger.

I talked in this blog post about how food could help slow down the ageing process… I totally forgot to include bone broth in the list!

The collagen it contains will give you the best skin, nails and hair ever for a fraction of the price of your cosmetic products (and with much better results).

Bone broth benefits #3: it’s so good for your gut.

My morning drink of choice! Bone broth benefits are endless...

My morning drink of choice! Bone broth benefits are endless…


Gelatine is your gut’s best friend, in particular for those with a leaky gut (condition that many of us have without knowing it).

It protects and heals the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and assists the digestion of nutrients. 

For other tips to fix digestive issues, check out my article on gut health here.

Bone broth benefits #4: no more pain.

The collagen in broth builds and repairs joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. I told you last week that I’ve been suffering from joint pain (shoulder and knee) which has stopped me from doing any physical activities, yoga included… I’ve been having a lot of broth lately and I can feel the difference – without taking any medication. 

Some sport experts actually recommend broth to their athletes and anyone with sporting injuries.

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Bone broth benefits #5: so easy, so cheap.

If making your own broth seems daunting to you, think twice. It’s one of the simplest things ever. Even better, it’s super cheap: you mainly use leftovers (that otherwise would end up in the bin) and cheap vegetables such as carrots, celery or potatoes.

Simply follow the recipe below. You’ll be amazed how easy it is and you will wonder why you were still using the supermarkets stock cubes or bottles- very often loaded with nasties and very rarely made of organic/grass-fed bones, which in the case of bone broth is not negotiable: a large amount of hormones and antibiotics used in conventional farming ends up in the bones – awful, toxic, wrong.

Bone broth also brings you a lot of proteins. You therefore don’t need to eat as much meat, saving you heaps of money while saving the planet! How good is that?

My family bone broth recipe.


3 kgs of organic chicken bones or beef bones (grass-fed – once again, it’s not negotiable!) .

4 celery stalks, 4 carrot with skin, 4 onions – all chopped.

1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar – the ingredient which helps extract the goodness from the bone.

4 minced garlic clove, 1 bunch of  parsley, 2 ginger knobs, 5 small potatoes with skin, 1 knob of fresh turmeric, natural sea salt.


Place all ingredients (except parsley and garlic) in a large pot, cover completely with filtered water and cook on very low heat for 24 hours at least. Add parsley and garlic within the last 2 hours. I also like to roast the bones until brown first before adding them to the pot. Cool down and strain before storing. Once cold, there will be a layer of fat on the top – you can discard it or use it for cooking. You can store broth in the fridge for up to 4-5 days. After that, freeze in portions (ice-cube trays) so you can add it to any dish whenever you cook.

And now enjoy! 

Have you tried bone broth as a hot tea yet? This is now my drink of choice every morning – just like my ancestors, a century ago! And with some unpasteurised miso or fresh ginger, it’s even better!

Stay tuned…

Next time, we’ll talk about how to make a super nutritious soup to help balance your diet… Easy, and so yummy!   

Bon appetit!


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