Is Alkaline Water The Solution?


I almost forgot how much the French LOVE water. Mineral Water. I’ve been in France for a week now (currently at my great grandmother’s home for a week) and I am struck by seeing a bottle of mineral water on each table wherever I go. 

In France, you have to have one on your table if you are a true foodie and if you cherish your health – perfect example of my motto: Real Food + Pleasure = Health©. Every French woman and man has her/his favourite mineral water brand: Evian, Perrier, Badoit, Volvic, Contrex, Vittel, Quézac… These brands  invest a lot to fight this fierce competition and produce numerous ads often very funny or very sexy to stand out of the crowd. This one is very inspiring to lose weight! Most brands even have special editions for Christmas and partner with famous fashion designers (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagarfeld, Christian Lacroix, Kenzo…) to design gorgeous bottles that quickly become collectible!

“The purest gift from Mother Nature”

volvic good

Happy with my favourite alkaline water.

Drinking enough water is one of the most important gifts you can give your immune system, organs, skin and health in general. My great grandmother Marguerite used to say this constantly. To her, water was “the purest gift from Mother Nature“. She didn’t even like the idea of having running water at her home as she was convinced that the pipes would spoil the water. She made a point in getting her water from the spring in her garden until the end of her life.

I did a lot of research, met a few producers and experts and found out that water could also potentially heal my joint pain in my left knee and shoulder that stopped me from practising yoga for the last 3 months. However this water would have to be alkaline. So I’ve been drinking mineral alkaline water only for the last 4 weeks… and I was happy to find out that my favourite French mineral water Volvic (which originates from where I come from, at the heart of Auvergne’s preserved volcano ecosystem) is slightly alkaline.

Why choosing alkaline water?


Your mineral water should have a pH above 8 to be alkaline…

Most biochemists and medical physiologists have recognised alkaline pH as the first major line of defence for optimal health, vitality and sustained healthy weight (we are not talking here about acidic taste here but what makes the pH of your body acidic or alkaline). Some even say that “no disease including cancer can survive in an alkaline environment”.

The problem is our modern lifestyle (modern western diet in particular) makes our pH acidic. What you eat and drink (and your level of stress and exposure to pollution and chemicals) have a direct impact on the pH of your body. Focusing on alkalising your diet should be a priority to reclaim your health and feel much better.

Water can help. Just like different types of water contain  different types of minerals, they also have different pH. For instance filtered water, tap water and many mineral waters have an acidic or neutral pH, while a few mineral water have an alkaline pH. Choosing alkaline water can help make your diet less acidic – once again instrumental for good health – and weight loss!  You can even buy an ioniser which will alkalise your tap water…

I have been drinking alkaline water for the last 4 weeks…

Some experts claim that we should not be duped by alkaline water -in particular tap water alkalised with an ioniser– as it has no impact on our body. “Clearly there is a deception going on here. And the marketers have convinced the entire customer base that alkaline water is the same as water with alkalinity when in fact it is not.” says one of these reports. Others say that for natural mineral alkaline water, its pH becomes acidic by the way the water is bottled…

So who to believe with so many confusing and conflicting facts – as always unfortunately when it comes to nutrition?

I decided to do my own experimentation on… me! As I mentioned before I have been drinking mineral alkaline water for the last 4 weeks to see if it could have an impact on my knee and shoulder join pains. The Australian water I drink comes from an natural occurring alkaline spring water that for thousands of years has been filtered through sandstone deep beneath the mountains. It not only has a pH above 8 but is also loaded with minerals in particular calcium.

What impact on my health?


I’m not as good as Adam Levine but I’ll get there… one day!

After 4 weeks, my shoulder pain has totally disappeared and my knee joint pain is almost entirely gone. I have resumed yoga finally and feel so much better and happier. Whether or not it’s because of the water, I don’t know. However, drinking this water (2 litres at least a day) is the only thing I changed in my diet and lifestyle over the last 4 weeks.

Some people drinking natural mineral water (not alkalised with a ioniser) report other health benefits from significant weight loss, reduction of inflammatory conditions to higher level of energy. These are all personal stories (including mine!); everyone is different so what might have worked for me and these people might not work for others. However it is interesting to note so much positive feedback from mineral alkaline water drinkers!

The only solution is to try… And in any case, ask your GP.

What about you? Have you tried to drink mineral alkaline water? What did you think?

Talk to you next week from the Ile de Re…


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This advice in this document is not professional medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please see an appropriate medical practitioner.


  1. Lovely Yves.
    Can you please recommend the alkaline brands of water to buy in Australia. For example is all Evian alkaline.
    Enjoy France
    Ines x

    • Hi Ines,

      All Evian is alkaline. However it’s slightly alkaline only .
      I would highly recommend to go local as we are very lucky here: Alkalife is the water I drink and it comes from NSW. PH8 is another great one, from South Australia. The water 1907 from New Zealand is fantastic too.

      All the best (from Aurillac – South west of France).


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