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  • Soups for weight loss.


    I have been overwhelmed by all your comments and questions about my Sexy Delicious Soups Series. Thank you so much! Part one was about bone broth, while part two was about healthy soups. For this third and last part, let’s talk about soups for weight loss… read more

  • Healthy Soups.


    Welcome back to my Delicious Sexy Soups Series, part 2! Last time, we talked about bone broth, key ingredient to make healthy soups. Today, let’s explore 5 reasons why soups are one of the healthiest meals, while being read more

  • Bone broth benefits


    Let’s start this Delicious Sexy Soups Series with the key ingredient you need: broth and in particular bone broth. I’m not talking about the already-made, full-of-nasties bone broth you’ll find in your supermarket. read more