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  • Muscle building foods.


    Week 3 of my 2015 Tour de France: Ile de Ré. Heaven! This French Atlantic island (off la Rochelle, 500km from Paris and 200km from Bordeaux) is very close to my heart: I was not born there but I feel a very special connection with this island since I’m a kid. read more

  • Olive oil benefits.


    I’m in week 2 of my 2015 Tour de France and I can testify: the French are (still) very slim and fit! Even if the number of overweight or obese people is on the rise, it is still half that of the one we have in New Zealand or Australia (35% vs. 65%). read more

  • Is Alkaline Water The Solution?


    I almost forgot how much the French LOVE water. Mineral Water. I’ve been in France for a week now (currently at my great grandmother’s home for a week) and I am struck by seeing a bottle of mineral water on each table wherever I go.  read more

  • Is salmon bad for you?


    Is salmon bad for you? Horrified, sad, frustrated, confused… This is how I felt when I found out a few years ago that salmon -one of my favourite foods- was not a healthy choice at all. And I know this article will make many of you… horrified, sad, frustrated as I was. read more