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  • Good health starts with gut health.


    Constantly tired? Bloated? Heavy? Often sick? What if it was your digestive system? Like many things when it comes to health, it all starts with gut health. I see a lot of people coming to me totally confused: read more

  • What to eat to lose weight – and when!


    What to eat to lose weight is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients. There isn’t one simple answer unfortunately: all my clients are different with very specific needs, lifestyles and conditions that I look at very carefully to design totally customised weight-loss programs that provide long-lasting effects.

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  • Break your food rules for one day.


    “There are too many food rules, don’t you think? Break out and put your normal food choices and food rules on hold for the day.”

    This is how I was challenged at TEDx hold at the Sydney Opera House by its brilliant food curator, Jess Miller, two weeks ago. read more