Yes, butter can be good for you!

Many studies have confirmed that French cuisine contradicts what we have been told about diet for years. This is what we call the French Paradox theory which is finally gaining a lot of momentum in Australia. In this section of my blog I will look at 5 popular food myths showing why we need to revisit what we think about 5 supposedly ‘bad’ foods: butter, cheese, bread, chocolate and red wine. Five foods loved and heavily consumed by the French! Remember though, these foods can be friends or foes depending on how we treat, choose and consume them. It’s all about time-tested food wisdom, sensory awareness, portion control and quality over quantity.

Today let’s talk about… Butter!


Butter contains saturated fats and therefore causes high cholesterol.

Why butter is good

Butter, made of 40% saturated fat (only- mothers breast milk is 50% saturated), should be considered as a super food. In fact, animal saturated fats play many very important roles in the body chemistry: they enhance the immune system, protect our liver from alcohol, help retain omega-3 fatty acids, give our cells integrity and stiffness and are one of the preferred foods of the heart.

Very rich source of vitamin A and D, butter ensures proper assimilation of minerals and water-soluble vitamins in vegetables, grains and meat, is essential for growth, for healthy bones, for proper development of the brain and nervous systems and for normal sexual development. It is extremely important for kids and teenagers.

It is also good to know that clarified butter (ghee) is highly prized in Ayurveda.

How to get butter

Rule 1: Choose only the best: from grass-fed cows, local and organic.

Rule 2: Please avoid at all costs all butter ersatz such as margarines. Highly charged in trans fats and additives, they cause great imbalances in the dietary ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (causing heart disease, cancer and diabetes) and produce large amounts of free radicals in the body.

Rule 3: Enjoy in moderation. Added to your diet and recipes, the results- for your pleasure and your health- will astound you.