Bonjour, I’m Yves Calmette, French/Australian nutrition coach,
award-winning health promotion expert, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador.

icons_carrot_2I was born and raised in the South West of France, one of the most renowned gastronomic regions in the country. Aurillac, where I grew up, is the capital city of one of the oldest French cheeses, Le Cantal. It’s also a place of nurturing and healing and is home to traditional slow-cooked dishes made using fresh whole foods. Each year I return to France to reconnect with this hub of healing and good food.

The pillars of my upbringing include the positive attitude of the French to life and food known as joie de vivre, a healthy delicious diet, and the philosophy of food as medicine. You can read more about me here.

Only 35% of the French population is overweight compared to 65% of Australians and New Zealanders… My goal is to set you up for life to get healthy, slim and look younger while eating for pleasure just like the French do. If millions of French people can do it, so can you!


pot_turqHealing nutrition is also in my blood. My late great grandmother Marguerite was a popular cook and a healing practitioner during the 1920s. She’s my inspiration and guide and I’ve inherited her personal practitioner book, full of invaluable recipes, home remedies and handwritten notes.

My philosophy also draws on Dr Weston Price’s work, based on the study of the diets of many ancient societies before the era of processed foods. His research shows that eating nourishing, traditional, local, fresh foods can help achieve optimal lifelong health – including the traditional French diet, which still makes 60 million French, one of the healthiest and slimmest populations on the planet.

With my time-tested approach to health, based on traditional food wisdom backed by modern research, and a century of family expertise, I’ll show you how a healthy diet can be a delicious diet, not one dictated by detox juices or raw kale.


icons_wine_2Have you ever wondered why there are so many sexy, slim, youthful-looking and stylish men and women in Paris despite the fact that patisseries, fine restaurants and cheese shops abound in this city? It all comes down to the French Paradox. This well-researched phenomenon refers to the low rates of diet-related diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, allergies etc) found in France despite the national diet being rich in supposedly harmful foods.

No wonder UNESCO granted ‘the gastronomic diet of the French’ status as a ‘World Heritage Treasure’ in 2010.

Focusing on pleasure, positivity and joie de vivre, yet without compromising your waistline, I offer you a sensible and time-tested alternative to the current craze of “anti” diets – anti-gluten, dairy, bread, grains, meat, even sugar which often don’t make sense and leave you miserable: REAL FOOD + PLEASURE = HEALTH ®


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Time-tested, backed by research and delicious.

    I’m here for you when you want to get off that roller-coaster and gain a different perspective on the role of food in your life. You want to make the most of life and enjoy it – and that applies to food, too...


    I’ll help you cut through the clutter of misinformation and provide clarity about nutrition and health. You’ll be able to relax, stop counting calories, weighing up proteins and carbs. You’ll be FREE.


    Building on a century of family expertise (Merci beaucoup Great Grandmother!), I'll show you how to finally eat for pleasure, without gaining weight. If 60 millions of French people can do it, so can you!



Delicious, mouth-watering and healthy
  • Raw milk cheese.


    As you know, I’m a big fan of cheese. Real cheese, which to me (and to many other French people) means raw milk cheese. What a relief when Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) lifted the ban on some raw milk cheeses in 2015! read more

  • Don’t skip breakfast!


    “Thank you so much, Yves. Since I’ve been strictly following your advice, I’m not tired anymore, I don’t feel hungry all day and I finally start losing weight … I heard it many times before – even my mum told me to never skip breakfast – but your simple few rules and delicious recipes made the whole difference!”. 

    As you know, a wealth of research shows that starting the day with a good nutritious -and delicious!- breakfast is the MOST important thing to do to beat cravings, maintain a healthy weight and give you the focus and energy you need to function properly, whatever your day holds.

    So… DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST. If you take your health and your job seriously, it’s not negotiable – Unless you’re interested in intermittent fasting as explained in my last article, but this is another story!

    So here are two key principles and seven delicious recipes, one for each day!

    Don’t forget to allow some time to enjoy your breakfast.

    Don’t have your breakfast on the go! Take your time and enjoy! breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it deserves all your attention and care.

    Sitting while you eat, chewing to better assimilate the nutrients and enjoying each bite will go a long way towards performing at your best for the rest of the day.

    Allow 15 minutes at least.

    What is a good nutritious breakfast?

    No croissant for a month... Really?

    A croissant is a treat, not a nutritious breakfast!

    Easy! It’s made up of clean protein (yoghurt, eggs, ham, beans, nut butter / all organic), complex carbs (wholemeal bread, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, hummus), some healthy fat (organic butter, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil) and a (very) limited amount of sugar.

    If you can, add some leafy greens too: spinach, collard greens, rocket or, if you like it, kale. I know that might be a bit challenging for many of us, me included, but give it a go. You’ll notice the difference in your energy level very soon.

    And for all croissants lovers (included me!), remember: croissants are a treat, not a breakfast to have every day! I’ll write an article on this delicacy very soon!

    Here are my favourite breakfast recipes. Bon appetit



    • 1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds
    • 1 tablespoon pistachios
    • 1 tablespoon walnuts
    • 1 tablespoon macadamias
    • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • finely grated zest of 1 lemon
    • 1/4 spring thyme
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 2 cups of natural yoghurt
    • In season fruit


    2 organic poached eggs served with one cup of slightly steamed spinach, some wild-caught salmon (grilled or poached) with mushrooms, some wholemeal bread, some grass-fed butter, a pinch of natural sea salt and pepper. Heaven!


    • 2 slices of organic ham
    • a piece of real cheese
    • a piece of wholemeal bread
    • one apple


    • Coconut oil *(1/3 or ½ cup), rolled oats (1 kg), 250 grs nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamia), pumpkin seeds): you can change the quantities depending on what you like
    • Fresh berries, fresh fruits, full cream yoghurt, full cream milk
    • Optional: Dried goji berries, sultanas, dried black currant
    • Optional: raw maple syrup (1/3 cup), cinnamon*, rolled amaranth and rolled quinoa (instead of or in addition to the rolled oats)
    Home-made muesli... The best!

    Home-made muesli… The best!


    • Chop all the nuts in small pieces
    • Put rolled oats, nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamia), pumpkin seeds, cinnamon in a dish (3 to 4 cm)
    • Add coconut oil and mix together until it is moist
    • You also can add the maple syrup; otherwise you can sweeten the muesli with the fresh and dried fruits when you eat it
    • Put the dish in the oven (150 degrees on grill/oven) and mix every 5 minutes until all ingredients are well roasted – not burnt!
    • Let it cool down
    • Store in a container
    • Add just before serving: fresh fruits (in particular fresh berries), some dried fruits such as sultanas, goji berries, dried black currants (not too much as they are loaded with sugar), some full fat milk and/or yoghurt if you want

    Tip: You can also make muesli bars, perfect healthy snack!

    Simply add some water to the mixture before putting into the oven, it will make it expand. Mark lines (to make it easier to cut when cooked) and put in the oven. Cook it very slowly.


    Homemade oats porridge with coconut milk. Use quinoa for a gluten-free option. I prepare a batch on Sunday night, heat it up every morning and serve with a few slices of pears or apples or banana, a few almonds or walnuts and a dash of crème fraiche. It only takes 5 minutes.


    • 2 organic eggs
    • 1 cup of spinach or rocket or collard greens or kale
    • 1 medium size sweet potato
    • natural sea salt and pepper
    • olive oil or grass-fed butter
    Eggs, spinach, wholemeal bread ...

    Eggs, spinach, wholemeal bread …


    • fill small pot ¾ full with filtered water, put the eggs and bring to low boil. Let it boil on low heat for 3 minutes
    • fill steamer pot with a little bit of filtered water on high heat
    • put sweet potatoes (washed and chopped in small cubes) in steam basket and steam for 5 minutes.
    • put the greens (washed and chopped in 3cm pieces) on top of the potatoes. Steam until they are tender: one minute should be enough. Remove from heat when done.
    • Peel the eggs and put them on a plate over the greens and sweet potatoes. Add salt, pepper and a piece of butter or olive oil on top.

    BREAKFAST 7: ON THE GO… if you have to!

    • 1 large glass of almond milk (1 cup of almonds, 3 cups of water with vanilla extract) + ½ cup of blueberries: Blend and serve
    • A green smoothie if you like this (1 cup spinach, 1 cup parsley, ½ banana, 1 cup coconut milk, filtered water)

    Have a fantastic end of the week.


  • Intermittent Fasting?


    Intermittent fasting? Are you serious? This is something I would never advise my clients to do… Well, until today. When a client of mine asked me to help her optimise the way she was doing intermittent fasting, I was a bit in shock. read more


Adair, 39, recruitment consultant

“Over the past 10 years I have been left feeling so UNinspired by many food movements in Australia. Juice diets, paleo, fasting, detoxing! Yuck!!! I started to HATE food. What a shame. Food is one of life’s great joys. Anyway, I started to reconnect with food through reading your blog posts and embracing the French way. So, thank YOU for inspiring me once again. Our family life revolves around the kitchen table and it is a joy to enjoy food. “

Lisa, early 40s, director in the art industry

“Yves taught me to eat with happiness and health in mind.  The food I now eat is all about nutrition and medicine but tastes more delicious than ever.”

Colin, 41, market research consultant

“I had known for years that my diet could be better, I knew I ate too much sugar and not enough vegetables and I tried on more occasions than I care to mention to do something about it but it just never worked out, mostly because I lacked discipline. With Yves, I finally got there.”

Isabel, late 50s, lawyer

“I didn’t want someone to tell me I could not eat chocolate, cheese or drink wine, and Yves’ approach did not ban these so I signed up for a plan with Yves, and it truly changed my life”

Angela, 44, restaurateur and busy mum

“Food is very important to me and always reminds me when I was backpacking in France in my 20s. I never felt as healthy as I did back then. Now with Yves’ help, I feel 21 again.”

Connie, 26, accountant

“I’ve learnt so much. I now know what to eat, why and how. What a relief! And my husband now wants me to coach him!”

Alice, Early 60s, mum of 4 adult kids

“I realised my bad habits were just that habits and with Yves coaching they could be changed and healthy habits could replace them.”


Andrew, late 30s, photographer

“My energy levels increased, my mood was improved and I even lost weight without even trying to lose weight!”

Tony, 52, designer

“Best of all I feel healthier than I ever have, now I just need an exercise coach to help channel all this extra energy I have!”

Craig, 42, passionate barista and excellent cook

“While doing Yves’ program I have lost 5.5kgs. I have had people say my skin looks good, I have more energy and it was nice to see results every week. I would recommend the program to anyone. It’s not a diet, it’s about what we put into our bodies. It’s such an easy life change.“


Nutrition by the sea…

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